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DEEP-ER is inseparably linked to its predecessor project DEEP. Learn about the core concepts forming the basis for both projects in more detail here.


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DEEP-ER and the Exascale Challenge

Learn about the DEEP and DEEP-ER exascale research projects and get to know the team behind in our latest video.

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Europe towards Exascale

The race towards Exascale is highly competitive. Global research efforts focus on the known challenges: energy efficiency, scalable system software, programming models, interconnect and memory technology as well as resilience. The DEEP-ER project is an innovative European Commission funded response to these challenges. The developments achieved in the pre-decessor project DEEP in terms of the pioneering hardware architecture (Cluster-Booster approach) as well as the system software (ParaStation Global MPI) and programming model (OmpSs) form the basis for the project. The DEEP-ER consortium now focuses on the mentioned challenges of resiliency and I/O.


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